Web Designer Company in Jaipur – Few Tips to Convert Visitors into Customers

As a digital marketer, I learned that because of consumer behaviour every company has to invest in increasing their online visibility. Smartphones and the internet can be used by people to learn more about products and services, allowing them to become self-regulating shoppers.

And rise in the branded searches and finding information on your products & services, without a successful online/digital presence, means losing market possibilities. Enabled with mobile technology, users are more inquiring, demanding and intolerant than ever before.

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Consumers in the Age of Assistance

As of Google, there are 3 types of consumers nowadays:

The Curious Consumer: Buyers are now obsessed with research and want to ensure that each decision to buy is well-informed to prevent any regrets.

The Demanding Consumer: Even if their requests are not verbal, people desire digital touchpoints customized for them.

The Impatient consumer: The rise in smartphones and internet access has contributed to impatient shoppers. Many shoppers do business/commercial research while they are on their way.

Such features influence the perceptions of customers or consumers about how they communicate with your company or brand. As such, it is your duty to provide a smooth and flawless consumer experience beginning from your website.

You can consider many variables that can improve the overall role and efficiency of your website, while also improving the user experience and design.

Web Design Factors to Prioritize

1. Clear Navigation

The navigation structure of your website allows users to easily go to another page despite wherever they started on your website. Not every visitor starts with the homepage of your website and follows a predictable route. They should be able to find a product from the page from which they came.

Be sure to overwhelm your visitors by dividing the navigation into five to seven options. The few options ensure that the user focuses on his goal and helps them decide promptly.

Hick’s rule, the popular theory of web design, states that the more you offer choices to consumers, the longer it takes for users to make a decision.

The possibility is that the visitor will lose interest in your disorganized website; finally, they will click and go away from your website.

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Hick’s Rule, though, does not apply on every section of your website. Some pages contain more content than others, such as product pages. In this case, highlight the product, promotion or option you desire people to choose, make people more visible.

Another feature of clear navigation is the search function. A search bar follows the 3-click rule, a design principle that users leave their website if too many clicks are needed to find what they are looking for.

I can say for sure that another feature of the website which meets the needs of impatient consumers, loading speed of the page of your website.

2. Quick Loading Speed

Site speed is important for all viewing devices, but it has more weight for the smartphone/mobile view. The earlier Speed Analysis reports show slow page loading times reduce the probability of visitors coming back on your website. 22% of mobile users agree to leave their websites with slow page loading and 14% claim they are required to access the website of a competitor.

In the SEO rankings, page speed is also a factor. It improves the search engine performance of your website. It helps you to get better traffic, turn them into leads and customers for your business.

In addition to loading speed and browsing, your website layout also affects your conversion rate. Your website should be simple and insightful at first glance. This allows users to read comfortably so that they cannot click out of your page.

3. User-Friendly Layout

Your layout should be as readable as possible with your content. It won’t attract visitors to action if your site is not readable enough.

Internet users always on the hurry and to read your entire post or article they don’t have much time.

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People don’t read the content of your website, according to UX Myths; they only skim. To build a user-friendly layout, use this behaviour.

The F-pattern is a common pattern for speed readers to scan the eyes. The first portion of your content should usually be read by people to get an idea of it. Then they look for the points of interest to the left side of the screen.

The F-pattern allows you to create a well-visual layout which makes content simple to scan. Through establishing the intent in the first two paragraphs immediately with the strong, straight-to-the-point headers, this is the trick to nailing the F-pattern. Claim only one idea per section and use bullet points as often as possible.

Break text-heavy pages and adequate negative space with relevant pictures.

Finally, for all your web pages an easily spotted call-to-action button is needed. This leads to user response, leading them to the journey of the buyer.

4. Strong, Clear Call-To-Action

It is not always transactional your call-to-action (CTA) button. To recommend the relevant content, you need to predict the reader’s needs. Your CTA may invite the user to another blog post linked to the one they have just been reading, specific items that may be helpful or files that can be accessed to support them in their problem.

If I say the position and colour of the button are important, I’m not being hyperbolic. Put in a section of your layout that is highly visible to users. To illustrate important elements of the website like the CTA button, you should obey the third-party rule.

Above all, make the website more clear and user-friendly. The landing page of your website must make it easy for visitors should go from one page to another as their surfing purpose varies. This helps the website to advance along the buyer’s path so that you are always with them.

We also designed and developed websites for many companies around the world and the primary conclusion is that a user-friendly website often leads and attracts consumers to raise your profits.

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