Are Google Ads Worth It?

Google AdWords (nowadays “Google Ads”) used to just stand for PPC campaigns (also recognized as pay-per-click). Currently, Google offers a full set of advertising services for all sizes of businesses.

Here is a list of the campaigns types that one can run on Google:

• Search campaigns (PPC marketing)

• Display campaigns (also includes remarketing)

• Video campaigns (YouTube)

• Shopping campaigns (Product Listings on Google)

• App campaigns

• Local campaigns

With several options to select from, how do you choose which is best for your business? And furthermore, how do you know if it’s ACTUALLY worth it? We will do this work for you here.


Define Your Marketing Goals First

Our 1st recommendation doesn’t start with selecting with Google Ads product is right. Your first necessity to describe what your marketing or advertising goals are. Some mutual objectives we received from our users are:

• Get more leads (definitely the most common)

• Get more phone calls

• Grow e-newsletter subscribers

• Brand awareness

There are other things also to add to this list and your objective will be extremely tailored to your business, but these are very good things to start.

Once you’ve set your goal, you’re then able to move into determining which Google Ads product is accurate for your business and will help you meet your goals.

Google Ads has something for each and every type of business and for every type of objective.

Google Ads are generally our first suggestions to most of our clients. As the best Online Marketing Company in Delhi NCR and Google Partner, we’ve helped our clients grow their businesses tremendously by using Google Ads.

Define Your Optimal Cost per Conversion/Lead Second

This is the step that maximum of our customers skips. As a Digital Marketing Company in Delhi NCR with over 15 years of experience, we have found that inquiring our clients just how much leads are worth to them is very crucial.

For example, we work with a leather shoe manufacturer company on their website and PPC services. Their leather shoes average anywhere from Rs 2,000 – Rs 10,000+ and if we can secure a lead for them for Rs 10-25, then that makes Google Ads worth it to them.

So, before you bring in any sort of PPC Company, you need to outline just how much leads or conversion are worth to you. By using this info, your PPC service Provider Company can help drive down that cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) to get the most out of your budget.

Search Engine Marketing – What To Use & When

You’ve defined your goals. You have set that what conversion or lead is valuable to you. Now, here is the real task where you can decide which type of Google Ad to move forward with.

Different types of ad services and which goals they best service are given below:

• search campaign (PPC) – driving leads, traffic, and sales

• Display campaign – brand awareness

• YouTube campaign – brand awareness, e-commerce/shopping/driving purchases

• Remarketing campaign – re-engaging website visitors

Creating the campaigns is just the initial step. To ACTUALLY make Google Ads worth it for your company or business, there are some other factors to look at.

What is your budget? You’ll require an impactful budget that will help you participate in your industry’s domain. If it is too low, you won’t see good results.

What does your website look like? Do you need a new website design? Google Ads are just the first half. If your website isn’t creating to convert visitors into customers, you won’t understand effective PPC results.

What is your industry? How competitive is it? This is somewhat your online marketing company will be able to assist with.

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